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Vamp (1986) is famous for a Grace Jones dance where her body was painted up by pop artist Keith Haring, and she gives a surreal striptease to her song "Vamp". That's pretty much the highlight of the movie. Three college boys, Keith (Chris Makepeace), AJ (Robert Rusler), and Duncan (Gedde Watanabe), head to a strip club in a desolate urban area in search of a stripper they can bring back to appease a fraternity. After seeing the dance, they immediately pick Katrina (Grace Jones) as the stripper they'd like to pay to bring back to the college. AJ goes back to her exotic dressing room and is immediately killed by Katrina because she's a vampire! We quickly learn that many of the strippers and workers in the club are blood-sucking vampires. It's unfortunate that AJ (Robert Rusler) dies because he's the better lead actor for this movie.

Keith (Chris Makepeace) and a friendly stripper named Allison (Dedee Pfeiffer) make do with attempting to escape the vampires for the rest of the movie. It all gets stuck in this desolate downtown area, and there are far too few appearances from Grace Jones. Director Richard Wenk tries to liven up the visuals with some bright green and pink lighting in almost every scene. The action directing in the film is clunky and slow-moving, and the jokes in the writing mostly fall flat. Without any clear objectives for our lead characters, the movie devolves into a routine chase movie with vampires.

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