The Apartment (1960)

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  •  (5 out of 5 stars)

One of the all time greatest romantic comedies! Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine nail ever nuance of Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond's perfect script. Lemmon plays C.C. Baxter who's an insurance agent climbing the corporate ladder. To get to the next level he lends out his Upper West Side apartment to coworkers so they can conduct their extramarital affairs. In turn they recommend Baxter for higher positions at the office. Shirley MacLaine plays Fran Kubelik who's an elevator operator in Baxter's building. Baxter is in love with Kubelik, but she's in love with Baxter's boss Mr. Sheldrake played by Fred MacMurray. Eventually Baxter and Kubelik both realize they're being used by Sheldrake and in the meantime they fall in love. The film is funny, but also touching with darker undercurrents of the loneliness of the two main characters. It won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay, and deservedly so.

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