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Home Alone meets slasher movies in the horror film Mikey (1992). It's a promising premise if you can cast the right child actor to play Mikey. Unfortunately, young Brian Bonsall as Mikey doesn't have any range as an actor, and the adults in the movie act about as clueless as the kids. The movie starts out as mean-spirited fun, with Mikey quickly murdering his adoptive family. No one suspects Mikey's involvement in the murders, so it's off to the next adoptive family. It takes a very long time for Mikey's murderous ways to emerge again and an equally long time for the adults in the room to figure out Mikey is a psychopath. While we wait for Mikey to kill again, he develops a crush on the girl next door, Jessie (Josie Bissett). This crush would've been more believable and potentially dramatic if Mikey were thirteen and on the verge of puberty. At nine years old, Mikey doesn't seem capable of much emotionally or physically. At the end, it's silly watching him take the upper hand as he kills off horrified victims like a four-foot-tall Jason Voorhees. Mikey's murders would've been more exciting if they were clever, secretive, and spread out. The film's overall look appears as a TV movie and is nowhere near as fun as a movie like Child's Play (1988). Mikey is good for some absurd laughs, while the full potential of the premise is unrealized. I'm sure we'll get a young Michael Myers origin story movie starring some rising child star someday.

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