Corvette Summer (1978)

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Fans of Star Wars will probably make Luke Skywalker jokes throughout this comedy film, which stars Mark Hamill right after his success in Star Wars (1977). Hamill's look and mannerisms are pure Skywalker in this one. He plays L.A. high school senior Kenny Dantley, who, with the help of his classmates, renovates a red 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. When he goes cruising down Van Nuys Blvd. to show it off, the car is suddenly stolen. A man tips him off that he saw the car in Las Vegas. At this point, Kenny starts hitchhiking to Vegas, and the movie bears a lot of resemblance to the plot of Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985). He's picked up in a van by a girl named Vanessa, played by Annie Potts. She quickly tells him that she's a prostitute going to Vegas to work full-time. When Kenny gets to Vegas, he has a hard time tracking the car down and immediately becomes homeless. He works odd jobs and keeps running into Vanessa. Hamill and Potts look their youthful best in this film, and she eventually seduces him into her waterbed in the back of the van. Nothing like seeing some steamy scenes with Luke Skywalker. When Kenny does find the Corvette, he learns that stealing the car was a scam by his high school teacher to earn a buck. The plotting in Vegas gets silly and drawn out. For a movie about cars, there's an astounding lack of car chases until the end. Hamill and Potts do have romantic chemistry and look beautiful, and for that alone, it's worth checking out.

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