Quentin Tarantino: Hollywood's Boy Wonder (1994)

Watch this exciting BBC documentary from 1994 profiling Tarantino right after the release of Pulp Fiction. Through extensive interviews Tarantino tells his story, from video store clerk to Palme d'Or winner for Pulp Fiction. He takes you into his apartment and shows you some favorite movie clips. He takes you to the Video Archives video store and talks with some of his former employees. He takes you behind the scenes of Pulp Fiction. He interviews Brian De Palma about movie violence. He talks about his first movie he attempted to make, his subsequent scripts for True Romance and Natural Born Killers, and his eventual breakthrough writing and directing Reservoir Dogs. Great interviews are interspersed throughout with Terry Gilliam, Allison Anders, Lawrence Bender, Harvey Keitel, and others who worked closely with him. Enjoy this 50-minute documentary with a young and energetic Tarantino as he shares his passion for movies and filmmaking.

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