April 8, 2022

On FreeGreatMovies.com we currently feature over 4,000 movies that are free online, and about half of these movies are from YouTube, while the other half are from ad-supported free movies sites like Tubi TV, Pluto TV, and others. I subscribe to dozens of YouTube channels that feature free movies. Some of these channels feature movies that are in the public domain, and some of these channels license out movies that they feature on YouTube. In this blog post I'll highlight some of the best YouTube channels for watching free movies. I've tried to pick out the best movies from these channels to add to FreeGreatMovies.com. But you can browse through their whole channels to find even more movies.

Before I list those channels though I'll point out that the official YouTube Movies Channel licenses out hundreds of movies that you can watch. After monitoring these over time I've noticed that the movies on the YouTube Movies channel change quite quickly, so if you find something you really want to watch for free it's best to watch it ASAP. And the more popular the movie, the more likely it will disappear soon due to rights changing. But new movies are always being added to the YouTube Movies channel usually at the beginning of each month. One other thing I'll point out about the YouTube Movies channel is that the movie rights are usually territorial. So for instance the movie might only be playable in the United States. With that said here is a playlist of hundreds of the latest free movies from the official YouTube Movies channel:

500 Free to Watch Movies Playlist from the Official YouTube Movies Channel

Beyond the YouTube Movies channel, there are many more YouTube channels that feature free movies and I'll list these below with a little description of what each one has to offer. Here they all are:

ARTFLIX - Movie Classics on YouTube - This YouTube channel currently features over 100 mostly public domain movies with usually high quality movie transfers that are either DVD or HD quality.

Cult Cinema Classics on YouTube - This YouTube channel is one of the top public domain movie channels with hundreds of full length movies and clips as well. Browse their playlists for a well organized arrangement of their offerings.

Encore Plus Media on YouTube - This is a Canadian channel currently with about 100 feature films that they've licensed out. They also offer many TV programs, documentaries, and short films. There's also a French version of the channel that features dubs and subtitles in French: Encore Plus Media in French.

FilmRise Movies on YouTube - FilmRise operates a number of channels offering movies and TV content. This is their main movie channel with over 200 free-to-watch movies. There's also a channel called FilmRise Features with over 200 feature films that has more an independent film focus.

Flick Vault - Full HD Movies for Free on YouTube - Cool YouTube channel that started a few years ago and features over 300 full feature length movies that have been licensed out. True to their word the movies are in HD.

FREE MOVIES - Powered by 1091 Pictures on YouTube - YouTube channel operated by 1091 Pictures which is a movie distribution company. They have over 300 videos on their channel many of which are full movies. Many of their movies are documentaries on famous musicians.

Inter-Pathe on YouTube - YouTube channel featuring over 800 public domain classic films from the silent era up until about the 1970s. Quality of the film transfers varies.

Janson Media on YouTube - Independent distribution company that features over 1,000 videos on their YouTube channel including a lot of documentaries.

Library of Congress on YouTube - With over 6,000 videos are their YouTube channel, the Library of Congress features many historical movies both short and long. There is also a lot of talks on their channel and other content. Dig in!

Netflix on YouTube - Netflix actually does offer some full free documentaries on their channel but you gotta dig for them. The best way to find them is to search YouTube for "Netflix Full Feature" and you'll get some results of their full movies on YouTube. They also do have a playlist for full episodes from certain Netflix series: Netflix Full Episodes YouTube Playlist.

National Film Board of Canada on YouTube - Currently over 1,400 videos on their YouTube channel with feature films, shorts, clips, and more all out of the great country of Canada!

PizzaFlix on YouTube - Massive YouTube channel of public domain movies with over 2,500 videos. One of the biggest and best public domain movie channels out there.

Popcornflix on YouTube - Popcornflix offers free full-length movies and television series on their YouTube channel. Hundreds of movies on this channel and some really good ones. For more of their movies you can browse their website: www.popcornflix.com

Retrospective - Classic Movies on YouTube - Over 200 movies on this YouTube channel some of which are in the public domain and some of which are licensed out.

Streaming Movies Network on YouTube - New channel within the last year that offers over 90 free full movies mostly in the horror genre but some other genres too. They license out some really great movies! Part of the Greater Fool Network which also operates these nice channels: FFF Full Free Films on YouTube and V Movies on YouTube.

Kino Lorber on YouTube - The great film distributor Kino Lorber has started to distribute a bunch of their movies onto YouTube including independent films, foreign films, and documentaries. They even have a cult film channel with special cult status movies offered: Kino Cult Channel on YouTube

Retro Central on YouTube - This channel is emerging as one of the best channels for classic Hollywood movies, uploading most of them in HD and licensing out a lot of great classic movies along with quality public domain titles.

The Archive on YouTube - About 100 movies on this YouTube channel. Looks like a lot of made-for-TV movies from the 80s and 90s, but other stuff as well.

Mosfilm on YouTube - About 1,000 free Russian films many of which have English subtitles.

Korean Film Archive on YouTube - Over 100 Korean films from the Korean Film Archive, all of which seemingly have English subtitles.

Film&Clips on YouTube - Massive Italian YouTube channel of over 7,000 features films and movie clips most of which are Italian and sometimes have subtitles. A lot of their films with English subtitles can be found on one of their other YouTube channels: Film&Clips Free Movies in English on YouTube

Bjgtjme - Free Movies on YouTube - Over 600 movies on this YouTube channel. A lot of junk, but some good ones as well.

Grjngo - Western Movies on YouTube - If you're into Westerns this is a great channel with over 500 free Western movies.

Free Movies By Cinedigm on YouTube - About 80 free movies from the distributor Cinedigm.

Movie Central on YouTube - Popular YouTube movie channel with over 900 movies. Mostly garbage, but you might find something good.

Kings of Horror on YouTube - For horror movie fans only! Over 500 horror movies. Some good and some not so good.

So those are some of the biggest and best free movies channels I could find. I'll keep adding to this blog as more free great movie channels arise. Enjoy!